Daily Archives: July 4, 2012

Memories are made of this.

Memories of a place visited are often stirred by the recollection of some significant incident or happening.  For me, Barcelona will be forever associated with the nature and quality of the street music in the Old Town, the Ciutat Vella, and especially in the Gothic quarter around the cathedral.

As we left the hushed atmosphere of the cathedral, we heard the gentle plucking and strumming of a guitar.  There, just 30 yards or so from the cathedral door, sat the diminutive and retiring guitarist pictured below.  Her meditative playing enhanced further the mood of the occasion.

Just a short distance away, maybe 400 yards, we encountered the scene below  It needs no words of explanation or elaboration.  Just from the photograph the ambience is almost tangible.  It was an unexpected experience of sheer bliss.

These two images are my Barcelona.


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