Garden in the rain ….. again!

Yes, it’s raining again  –  so here are two more ‘watercolours’ taken from indoors, looking out.


Filed under Abstract photos, Colour, Flowers, Garden, Nature, Pattern

8 responses to “Garden in the rain ….. again!

  1. It’s just the reverse here. We need some of that rain!

  2. Still pretty! Raining here too.

  3. It’s stopped raining, and I do believe that’s a small patch of blue sky I can see in the distance!

  4. Gigi Galore

    Really beautiful! Impressionist painting:)

  5. I really liked your first Garden in the Rain offering a week ago, but I like this (especially the first one) even more. The usual tendency with shots like these is to focus either through the window and on the flowers or on the window itself, with the raindrops. Your technique here of not-quite focusing on the window renders it all the more abstract and alluring. Nice work, Louis!

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