The Old Fishseller

Sometimes pictures within pictures emerge unexpectedly and uninvited!  For example, the image below began life as a photo of some strands of seaweed.  I decided to remove the background and allow just a few of the strands to form a random, abstract pattern.  I also decided to use just two contrasting colours.  The result was the first image below:

Image 1

But when I rotated the image 90 degrees clockwise (Image 2) I distinctly saw a fish and the head of an old fishseller.  Or is it just my imagination?

Image 2


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6 responses to “The Old Fishseller

  1. Gigi Galore

    Gorgeous! Do you know, I thought the first was was very like an abstract painting that is so famous … can’t recall the artist … it could be Picasso .. where they are dancing around in a circle, holding hands? …Just looked it up. It’s Matisse “The Dance.” I love the colours!

  2. You’ve got a great imagination. And yes, I see the fishseller, fish, lizards, boats…..:)

  3. Thanks Elena. Imagination is a valuable attribute as you’ve demonstrated – I certainly hadn’t seen any lizards or boats!! What have I released?

  4. these are great, I like it when you can make further abstractions from an already abstract process!

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