The Meadow

The first of these photographs was taken about three weeks ago: the second, earlier this week in the same meadow.  Most of the flowers have gone; most of the seeds dispersed leaving, to my eyes, a delightful abstract pattern.  In just a few weeks this same field will be teeming with buttercups and a few weeks later will be full of flowering grasses, ready to be mown for hay.  It is a natural meadow  –  no artificial fertilizers here  – and has belonged to the same family for more than two centuries  But now there is a cloud on the horizon and its future is unsure.


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10 responses to “The Meadow

  1. The ‘Like’ is for the pictures but the news of the sale is not so good. I hope things stay as they are. It sounds lovely!

  2. Hoping that the meadow remains a meadow. Lovely photos.

  3. This is always very sad – good hay needs care and that gets in the way of short term profit…..
    The photographs are very pleasing on the eye and make me quite home sick.


  4. Thanks David. Clearly you understand the feeling.

  5. Gigi Galore

    Oh! Think positive! 🙂

    • Gigi Galore

      Actually, I would rather say … I hope that the beauty you love stays with you in your heart, no matter the end result. That beauty is felt in your words, abiding and lovely to read:)

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