The first Red Campion

Much of my photography serves as a diary recording or celebrating experiences and happenings, however small, as they occur.  Today’s picture belongs to this category.  Three days ago, beside the bridle way, I glimpsed the first red campion of the year, nestling beneath the young cow parsley.  At present it is alone, but no doubt it will soon be joined by others.  It may not be a technically accomplished photo but the joy it records was immense.

Red Campion


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6 responses to “The first Red Campion

  1. The joy is evident and always welcome:)

  2. Gigi Galore

    I can feel your joy!

  3. It’s a very uplifting picture for sure. All the lush greens and then the flowers delicate in their colours (even though white is technically not a colour). I like the combination of the intense green and the more pastel flowers. A very nice composition, too.

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