Bawdsey Quay: shore and shells

At low tide the Deben estuary exposes mud flats comprised of London Clay.  The flats are a favourite haunt for fossil hunters.  Sieving through the clay will regularly produce bird and fish remains, vertebrae, small sharks’ teeth and also fossil wood.

From the flats shingle banks rise steeply, the top representing the high water mark.  Along this tide line there is a belt, often several metres wide, containing an abundance of seashells  –  as can be seen below.



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5 responses to “Bawdsey Quay: shore and shells

  1. Oh, these are beautiful! I’m surprised to see so much diversity in these lovely remains.

  2. I was also surprised by the concentration of the variety in such a small area – not much more that 30/40cms square. The shots are as seen – there have been no additions or movement of shells.

  3. Gigi Galore

    These are SO beautiful! I love them! Gosh, they are gorgeous!

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