What is it?

Please can someone tell me what this is?  It is certainly not the usual star fish which has only five limbs, but I have been unable to identify it through Google.  It was found on the shore at low tide on the Deben estuary in Suffolk at the point where the river joins the North Sea.  It measures approximately 11cms in diameter.


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13 responses to “What is it?

  1. Sorry, don’t know much about whats in the sea, but it sure is one of natures wonders!

  2. Certainly looks like a starfish, though I’ve never seen one like it. Sort of a sunfish.

  3. According to one website, this belongs to the Solasteridae species of starfish. Crossaster papposus or Rose Star to give its full name.

  4. Roopaushree

    Looks like Sun is exhausted and shrunk and has crashed on this rock.

  5. Very cute little creature!

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