It’s one o’clock

Just three days ago we were delighting in the beauty of the ‘humble’ dandelion.  Now the earliest flowers have had their season and the golden glow has been replaced by the familiar, feathery globe-shaped seedhead  –  the one o’clock.  Far from fading into oblivion, the plant displays a different kind of beauty.  Examine carefully the perfect design and pattern of the hundreds of florets, each with its own parachute.  The wonders of Nature!



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8 responses to “It’s one o’clock

  1. Like just about everyone in suburbia, I grew up with dandelions as lawn weeds. Decades later I learned that the little fluffy “parachute” attached to each seed is called a pappus.

    In Texas I’ve made a point of photographing plants that are native here, but luckily we have native dandelions and other plants in the sunflower family that also produce puffballs for me to photograph.

    Steve Schwartzman

  2. A universe of shooting stars! Wonderful shot.

  3. Reminds me of fireworks on the fourth of July! How beautiful when something can evoke feelings of another time or memory!

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