Winter Abstracts 3

Like the previous two, this is a genuine natural pattern in the snow  –  nothing added and nothing subtracted except the texture of the snow.  If pressed to give a title I would probably choose ‘The Playground’  –  I can see the movement and exuberance of children dancing.  But I’m quite content just to enjoy the pattern in the space.  See in it what you will. 

Winter Abstracts 3


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4 responses to “Winter Abstracts 3

  1. The image IS beautiful unto itself, but the title effectively brings a new image and expression. Wonderful.

  2. I worry about the use of titles for abstracts. Ideally I would like the image to evoke in each viewer his/her personal, unprompted response, but for some a narrative interpretation is an important approach. I find myself in a compromise situation!

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