Winter abstracts

So, I think we can say farewell to the winter.  But before it officially ends I would like to post one or two ‘winter abstracts’.  These are simply black and white abstract patterns created by plants, stubble and grasses protruding through the carpet of virgin snow.   Initially I planned to include them in a single post, but it then seemed that each required its own space.


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3 responses to “Winter abstracts

  1. Very beautiful. I agree, this shot does need to on its own to fully appreciate the energy in it.

  2. Hey thank you for your textures – I live out of textures !!
    Fantasticly organized stream !!!
    If you have more BW scratches or the sort I would be very thankful
    Best wishes !!

    • Although there are several colour abstracts listed in the archives and in the Abstract Category, I don’t have any new B&W abstracts at the moment but see
      I’m pleased you like them.

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