Lambing season

Four days ago the first lambs of the year were born in our village.  There have been earlier arrivals in other parts of the country, but these were the first in our village.  The sight of the lambs invariably puts a smile on faces  –  the promise of Spring and new life.  For the sheep farmer the lambing season is often a period of little sleep sometimes accompanied by a degree of anxiety.  This year the anxiety is caused by the fear of a deadly disease being carried by midges.  It is not possible to know where it will strike next.

Ewe and lamb

Frolicking is tiring work.  The lambs enjoy a siesta, basking in the unseasonal warmth of the sun.

Basking lambs

Life can be hazardous for the new born.  In this photo farmer John is removing a thorn from the foot of a two day old lamb.

Removing a thorn


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2 responses to “Lambing season

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the image of the farmer taking the thorn out of the little lamb’s foot!

  2. Thanks for your comment Zannyro, and thanks for choosing to follow my blog. I appreciate your support.

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