Bark pattern

I shot this photo because I liked so much the textures and pattern, but I would love to be able to name the component elements, such as the types of lichen, the black dots, the pale grey etc.

Bark pattern

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4 responses to “Bark pattern

  1. Hi, Louis, I’m happy to help a little, but I’m afraid the taxonomic end of my interest in lichens is not very strong; I do hope to improve on it this year. You were correct; there are at least three distinct lichen varieties in your excellent photo. You might be able to get some IDs through the websites and The latter looks like it contains a treasure trove of information and I’m going to study it frequently. Good luck! BTW, I’m planning to publish a post on some amazing lichens I found in Tasmania later today.

  2. Many thanks. The links look promising.

  3. Really interesting. The eye can get lost in these textures, also love the color.

  4. Thanks Elena. The enlarged version is worth a visit if you’ve not already been there.

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