The snow is here!

The snow has arrived  –  quite late this winter.  It fell during the night on Saturday and we awoke yesterday morning to a covering of  12cm-15cm  –   deeper in places.  Here, in rural Northamptonshire, the scene was transformed into a Winter Wonderland  –  very picturesque.

Fence in February

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2 responses to “The snow is here!

  1. We’ve had very little snow here in the east coast USA. It’s been a too mild winter so far.

  2. I confess that I don’t really like winter. I no longer enjoy being out in the snow. At the same time there is something magical about a snowy landscape. Its beauty and silence can be ‘soul soothing’ – just as it was two days ago. But, of course, with the UK climate things can change quite rapidly and today we have thick fog and slush!
    There will be quite a few more snow pictures in the coming days. Thanks for the ‘likes’.

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