Seaweed pattern


See also Water Abstract, Water Abstract 2, Abstract 110 ‘Crazy’, Abstract 117


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3 responses to “Seaweed pattern

  1. An intriguing pattern indeed. Like you, I’m fond of abstractions and at times of minimalism. There are times I wish I lived near the ocean so I could photograph all the things to be found along the shoreline, but as I live inland I’ve substituted creeks and ponds, for example


    We use what we can, right?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Steve. It’s true the sea and shore provide an endless source of inspiratiobn, especially for someone interested in applying abstraction techniques to natural patterns and textures. Thanks, too, for introducing me to your site. It is packed with high quality work. I’ve ticked about a dozen but, in fact it could have been five or six times that number. Many of the plants and flowers are strangers to me here in the UK. It’s an excellent gallery and very informative.

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