Autumn silhouette


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3 responses to “Autumn silhouette

  1. Dear Louis,

    My name is Fred Pommerehn and I am a set designer living in Berlin Germany. I am currently working on a project with small children ages’ 10 and 11 about climate change. I came across your photo Autumn Silhouette in the Internet and would like very much to use it for our project. I would like to send you some photos of the set model so that you can get an understanding of how I would like to use it. If you agree we would need to have a copy of the photo with high definition as we plan to blow it up to a size of 4m x 4m. We are not a big or rich theater but we could afford to pay you at least something for the use of your work. Please let me know if this is a possibility for you. I am happy to answer any question’s you may have.


    Fred Pommerehn.

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