Introducing the Dune Grass photos

Dune grasses have provided the subject for a number of my photographs.  I enjoy their spiky character and fine lines which contrast with the flexible flowering grasses found in a meadow.

Dune grasses frequently form distinctive, natural patterns that can be lost to the casual viewer.  To draw attention to the patterns, in most cases I have removed the background or used a neutral or contrasting colour (as in Dune Grasses).

Removing the background provides an opportunity to create abstract minimalist compositions of fine lines within a defined space.

I hope you enjoy them.

See Dune Grasses, Dune Grass 1, Dune Grass 2, Dune Grass 3, Dune Grass 4, Dune Grass 5, Dune Grass 6:Close Encounter, Dune Grass 7, Intricate pattern of Dune Grasses, Why amd I doing this?

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