Grasses in the Breeze (2)

Grasses in the Breeze (2)

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Filed under Abstract photos, grasses, Minimalist, Nature, Pattern

12 responses to “Grasses in the Breeze (2)

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  2. Am using your silhouette as part of a larger montage for the cover of a non-profit brochure for the USACE Riverlands Project Office outreach programs. Please let me know if you object.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Louis
    I want to use this grass image for a book cover to be published by Orion Books. Please can you contact me asap on

    many thanks
    Steve Marking
    Art Director, Orion Books

  4. Chloe MacLaren

    Hi Louis, I would like to use this lovely image as the background for a scientific poster – is that okay? (I will credit your name)
    Thanks! Chloe

  5. Lovely natural images! May I use Grasses in the Breeze as a divider between grazing articles in Maryland Sheep News?

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