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Beatrice’s Hat and the questions it raises

We have a family wedding about to take place shortly and the Royal Wedding seemed to be an ideal opportunity to catch up on the do’s and don’ts in this modern age.  The wedding itself was a splendid and happy occasion.  The bride looked relaxed and radiant, the groom was tall and very handsome and the best man wore a perpetual mischievous grin.

However, in the days following the event  –  and, indeed, the weeks since  –  the news media focused not on the newly weds but on Pippa’s bottom and Princess Beatrice’s hat!  The moral seems to be, take care when compiling the guest list!

Most recently, attention has been drawn to the auctioning of  ‘the hat’ on eBay.  It has raised a number of interesting questions:

  • Who bought the hat?  (The questions where did they buy it and how much did it cost are redundant.  We know the answers.)
  • Why did they buy it?  If it was bought as a donation to charity, why not just make the donation?  Anonymity is likely to be shortlived.
  • What will they do with it?  Place it in a glass case in the entrance hall?  Put it in the centre of the table at a dinner party?  Hang it on the wall like a hunting trophy?
  • Will it ever be seen again?  Perhaps at Ascot?  Will it be passed on as an heirloom?
  • Will it ever be sold again?  There shouldn’t be a problem with provenance!

Of course, it could spawn a whole new line in fashion.  We are told that within hours of the wedding taking place the Chinese were producing copies of Kate’s dress.  The mind boggles at the thought of hundreds or thousands of Chinese trotting around in PB hats!

Even worse, we could see PB masks appearing at test matches throughout the summer!

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