Look me in the eye



Not a self-portrait!

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Wintering grass





The spent seed heads of last year grasses retain their unique attraction.



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Three wise men?

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April 14, 2014 · 8:00 am

Wild gladioli meadow


This photo was taken in Ibiza in a meadow of wild gladioli.  It was a bright, sunny day but with a fairly strong breeze.  Rather than attempting to ‘freeze’ the scene using a fast shutter speed, I have tried to capture the ‘feel’ of the moment as if in an impressionist painting.


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Jewel of the Ocean


A casual glance might identify this  as a photograph of an attractive and highly decorative brooch.  But look again.  It is, in fact, a seashell to which fossilised growth of various kinds has become attached.  It was found when we were walking along a beach in Morocco.


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Simply seaweed 4



This pattern of seaweed is exactly as found.


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Abstract 199


There is a restless energy about  this image that seems to radiate from the rich oranges and reds in the bottom left of the picture.  The absence of clearly defined and identifiable shapes keeps the eye moving.


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